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Carbon Neutral Companies in 2022

As we move forward into the decade, more companies are starting to make good on their climate pledges. In this article, we will look at various businesses that will take significant steps toward carbon neutrality in 2022.

We’ve all heard the classic phrase “a new year, a new me” and luckily many companies are showing signs of actual change. Sustainability and climate pledges from companies tend to be promising but occasionally the goals are not met despite real effort from the people in charge. 

However, this year some are already close to reaching their goals and others are following suit rapidly. 


This famous Finnish outdoor brand has been taking significant steps towards carbon neutrality for quite some time. Halti has made its intentions clear with numerous environmental decisions, the goal is to become carbon-neutral in 2022. 

Responsible decisions and solutions

Halti has certainly made some interesting changes when it comes to lowering its carbon footprint. So far the company has massively increased recycling and using recycled synthetic materials in their products and also introduced in-store recycling bins. 

They have reduced emissions by switching to bio-diesel on company-owned vehicles and also switched to 100% renewable hydropower energy and solar panels at their facilities. Renewable energy, circular economy and cutting emissions, in general, have been a primary focus for Halti.


One of Europe’s leading food retailers made headlines in July of 2021 when the company announced their goals for 2022. Lidl GB is looking to become carbon-neutral this year and is committed to cutting down its carbon emissions drastically compared to years before. 

Energy efficiency

Lidl is focusing heavily on solar energy and reducing operational CO2 emissions in all 32 countries where it currently operates. Stores and distribution centres will focus on renewable energy solutions such as solar panels. In addition, Lidl has invested immensely in energy efficiency by modifying its refrigeration and lighting technologies.

HarperCollins Publishers

This international publishing company runs sizable operations, to say the least, in many countries. With its growing publishing ambitions, HarperCollins also intends to become carbon-neutral for its direct operational emissions in 2022. 

Reducing emissions

The plan for HarperCollins is simple. The company is looking to reduce emissions by lessening its dependence on energy consumption such as fuel and electricity usage. The publisher also uses FSC and SFI certificated paper and intends to work with suppliers who value sustainability and responsible climate action. 

By the looks of things, a lot more companies are following suit and a vast amount of businesses worldwide have the same ambitions as the aforementioned. Achieving carbon neutrality and making efforts to reach climate goals are essential in the fight against climate change. The number of carbon-neutral companies will grow significantly as we progress forward and climate-related promises are being kept.



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