The Woodly® W200 Series is wood-based, carbon-neutral, transparent and recyclable

The Woodly® W200 Series: Exceptionally Durable and Transparent Biomaterial

The Woodly W200 Series is the absolute ideal choice for easy-to-use injection moulding.

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Our unique biomaterial stands out due to its excellent qualities and multipurpose uses for various products. 

Known for its high transparency and outstanding clarity, the Woodly W200 Series is a carbon-neutral and wood-based biomaterial. The Woodly material is non-toxic and food contact approved. It does not contain harmful chemicals such as bisphenol A (BPA). Recyclability is key for our material and the Woodly W200 Series is applicable for plastic recycling. 

Alongside the tremendous environmental benefits, the Woodly W200 Series is compatible with current production equipment. Manufacturers can adopt the Woodly W200 Series to production without investing and acquiring new machinery. 

The W200 Series is also perfect for small mould shrinkage and go especially well with symmetrical objects and items such as cups and containers for food and beverages. Furthermore, the Woodly W200 Series is perfectly applicable for demanding shapes such as cosmetic cases and other high-design specification packagings. 

Equipped with excellent temperature resistance and a sufficient grease barrier, the Woodly W200 Series also feels warm and soft when in contact with skin. It also possesses noteworthy impact strength and durability thus providing longer-lasting usage. 

Due to its significant robust qualities, the Woodly W200 Series has potential economic benefits as well. The durability and impact strength alone can decrease the number of complaints and reclamations. Commonly, shipping and handling may cause damages to some plastic materials which is problematic for the supply chain. The Woodly W200 Series as a biomaterial can endure these unfortunate situations and reduce the risk of customers receiving damaged goods. 

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Woodly loading=

The Woodly W200 Series for Injection Moulding

  • 100% carbon-neutral 
  • Wood-based material
  • High clarity and transparency
  • Compatible with current production equipment
  • Recyclable 
  • Suitable for plastic cups, beverage cups other symmetrical objects/items, cosmetic cases, high-design specification packaging
  • Small mould shrinkage
  • BPA free, food contact approved, non-toxic
  • Temperature and grease resistance 
  • Warm skin contact

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The Woodly® W200 Series is exceptionally versatile and durable

A variety of applications are supported, but specifically according to the customer’s needs.


“We have found that Woodly W200 series grades can be used in a variety of applications. Woodly material is versatile, and one can mould thin-walled cups as well as bulky objects. We are constantly developing our material portfolio according to the need of our customers and partners. Flexible material production enables us also to produce tailored material batches in many scales”, says Tommi Vuorinen, the Chief Technology Officer at Woodly.


Want to know more about the Woodly® material?

Here are answers to most frequently asked questions.

About the company

What kind of company is Woodly?

Woodly is a company on a mission to create a more sustainable future by redesigning plastics. Our vision of 100% renewable plastics will be achieved through material innovation and extensive recycling.

Our purpose is to provide an easy way for the brand owners to switch to more sustainable packaging, achieve their sustainability targets and create more customer value.

In practice, we provide the Woodly material to your current packaging suppliers who can use Woodly material on their existing production lines. In addition, we work together with you on how to use Woodly as a unique selling point and communicate with the consumers.

About the material

Why do we use wood cellulose?

Cellulose is the most common organic polymer in the world and one of the most sustainable feedstocks to replace fossil-sourced materials. In addition, in Finland we have an expertise in forest based products that are unique in the world.

What else is in Woodly material than cellulose?

The exact formula of Woodly material is a trade secret, but all the other ingredients in addition to cellulose are commonly known and safe to use. Woodly does not include Bisphenol-A, phthalates, hormone disruptors or CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic) components. All the commercial Woodly grades are food contact approved.


Our current commercial material grades have TÜV certification confirming biocontent of 40-60% in Woodly. Due to the biocontent, Woodly® is a carbon neutral material which can be used to reduce dependency on fossil-sourced materials


Woodly can be recycled in mechanical plastic recycling.

Carbon neutrality and carbon footprint

We get often asked how we count our carbon neutrality and carbon footprint?  Woodly’s zero-carbon footprint is based on a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) which we have conducted in accordance with ISO14044 and ISO14040 standards. The LCA assesses the whole process from raw material extraction through materials processing, manufacture, distribution, use and maintenance, to disposal or recycling. The carbon footprint of our product is carbon neutral. This represents a significant improvement compared to traditional plastics and their global warming potential (GWP). Find out more from our Life Cycle Assessment here.

About sales process

What can I buy from Woodly®?

You can buy Woodly® granulates, which will be converted into products either by our or customers’ converter. Woodly doesn’t provide end-products.

How can I buy Woodly® material?

The process starts by defining customer’s needs.

Request a meeting with our sales representative:

Leave your contact information and we’ll get back to you.

In which format is Woodly® material provided to customer

We provide material in granulates.

Can I order a sample?

We provide samples only after the first sales negotiation.

How high is your production capacity?

As we work with several partners Woodly® can be easily and quickly scaled-up to high quantities.

What is the price?

Request a meeting with our sales representative and we’ll make you an offer.

Did you know that more than 2/3 of Finnish consumers are willing to pay a premium of products packed in Woodly® in comparison to conventional plastic packaging?

The median of willingness to pay more of Woodly® is +0,3€ / product.

Find the full consumer study here.

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