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Merry Circular Economy – How to Waste Less This Holiday Season

It is well known that the festivities this time of the year can cause a lot of wasteful consumption. However, it is possible to waste less after some thought and care. 

The holidays are coming and soon our merry living rooms will over float with wrapping paper, boxes and much more packaging of all sorts. Some gifts will offer joy, some might disappoint, and others won’t even make the cut to next year but straight into the bin instead. 

Nevertheless, the holidays are a wonderful occasion but this time of the year could also be a lot less wasteful than what we are accustomed to. Focusing more on sustainability and climate is something that can be done in every household. 

Reduce gifts

We are not trying to say “don’t buy gifts” because obviously everybody likes gifts, right? Instead, purchasing less and giving out one gift per person is a lot more beneficial environmentally and financially for the wallet. 

Gifts are without question one of the main causes of stress during this time of the year. Getting through the hassle is a struggle for some but one way to reduce stress and consumption is by buying fewer gifts.

Make it count 

Single-use gifts are no good if the goal is to reduce waste. When buying gifts, the focus should be on longevity, reusability and quality. However, buying something really useful, like an experience, for example, is tremendous. Digital gift cards for different lessons, classes or environmentally friendly experiences are a great way to make your gift stand out. 

Avoid food waste at all costs 

Recently we posted about the many detrimental factors regarding food waste and why wasting food is a big problem. This year it is certainly advisable to think things through before preparing massive feasts for the family. Eating less is better than eating tons and throwing the rest of it away. 

According to eufic.org, one-third of all produced foods go to waste and 61% comes from regular households. With this in mind, it’s more than desirable to not waste food this season.

Store leftovers

First of all, catering accurately is a tough task because of all the other extra holiday hassles. Therefore it is wise to store any and all leftovers the right way in order to avoid those delicious and stuffing foods going to waste. Food scraps should be composted and maybe the family pet can have a few bites of leftovers as well. 

Here’s what to do with wrapping paper

Wrapping paper is by far the most used packaging material during the holidays. People tend to wrap everything even though it is not always necessary. Many tend to forget that gifts can be given in a reusable bag or a gift box. 

Reusing wrapping paper from last year is also a very welcomed idea. Once again, following the basic principles of a circular economy can make a difference. Reuse, reduce, and recycle every bit of wrapping paper. 

Decorating the tree

Reusing decorations from previous years is absolutely an efficient way to reduce waste. People tend to overspend on ornaments that you only use once a year and then throw half of them away. 

The holiday season does not have to be a celebration of overspending and excessive consumption. Instead, spending time with loved ones and reminiscing the year that was should be encouraged more. 

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