Our vision

Our vision is for a 100% decoupling of all plastics from fossil feedstock

100% renewable plastics

To sustain the planet for future generations, humankind needs to transition from a fossil-based economy to a bio-based economy. In layman’s terms this means that instead of crude oil, we use renewable resources such as wood, sugars, and fats to produce plastics. However, this alone is not enough since in 2019 we already used 50% more of the renewable resources than the planet was able to provide for us during that year. It is not enough to simply replace fossil-based plastics with plastics made from renewable sources – we must also find ways to keep the raw materials in circulation for longer.

Our vision of 100% renewable plastics will be achieved through material innovation and extensive recycling. Our mission is to accelerate the shift of plastics economy to a sustainable future by bringing wood based and recyclable Woodly® to the market.

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