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How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

In our recent blog post, we went through some of the specifics of a carbon footprint. What it actually means and why it is such an important topic of discussion. This time we would like to list a few easy and interesting ways to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Making a positive impact on the environment is, in many ways, very simple. All you need to do is do it! Environmentally positive choices should be associated with our everyday lives because after all, for now, we have one planet to live on. 

To give a quick recap on what a carbon footprint means, here’s an easy summary. A person’s carbon footprint is equated to the amount of greenhouse gas emissions this person’s choices have caused. In order to get an accurate figure, we can’t measure carbon dioxide (CO₂) alone. Instead, we measure the carbon dioxide equivalent or CO₂-eq.  This measurement includes other greenhouse gasses as well, such as methane and nitrous oxide. 

Our carbon footprint is linked to our consumption of services, food, transportation, products and so forth. Just like the headline asks, the question of how to reduce the size of our carbon footprint is a daily thought for many and a very important one at that. We have put together another list of three ways to leave a significant positive handprint on the environment. 

1. Transportation

We have already mentioned cycling and public transportation many a time because it is true. Getting on your bike or hopping on a bus is more beneficial in terms of reducing your carbon footprint. But we certainly don’t have to limit ourselves to just those two options when looking for ways to cut down emissions. 

Working remotely is a fine solution in this instance. If your job provides you with the opportunity to work from home, then why not benefit from it? Skip the morning commute and just open your laptop while enjoying the comfort of your own home. 

Understandably, people are set in their ways when talking about travel. Taking a flight is the fastest way to move about, though unfortunately not the most climate-friendly. Luckily, some airlines have switched to biofuel but not enough.   

Try to explore the idea of catching a train to your next work or holiday destination if possible. It’s way easier to entrain and all the airport hassle is non-existent when travelling by train. You get to witness interesting and beautiful sights instead of murky clouds and as an added bonus there is no turbulence! 

Also, think about your daily driving routines. Could there be an alternative method of transportation to the local store, like walking? Does your family absolutely need two cars? Don’t forget carpooling! Ever thought about buying an electric car? There certainly is no need to abandon driving but it’s good to be aware the there is a way to upgrade to a more climate-friendly option. 

2. Shop less

There’s nothing easier than online shopping, right? Search for a product, buy it, and voilà. If you shop once in a while, that’s fine, but excessive daily shopping leaves behind a carbon footprint that is easily preventable. 

Shopping habits can be adjusted. For example, consumers should focus on buying responsibly-made clothes that are manufactured from recycled material. Maybe give that second-hand store around the corner a chance to surprise you? It’s also necessary to take good care of your clothes, so you won’t have to buy new clothing items frequently. Also, explore the option of borrowing clothes from friends or renting through a service. 

A good question to additionally ask yourself is: do I really need this? Because sometimes after a brief moment of reflection the answer is a clear “no”, resulting in successful avoidance of an unnecessary purchase. The planet thanks you!

3. Recycling and energy use 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: recycling matters. A lot. May it be clothes, food, batteries, packaging, plastics or even paper, recycling is an immensely significant method to cut down on emissions and reduce your carbon footprint. Naturally, we at Woodly value recycling and our way of redesigning plastics is a mission through which we hope to make an everlasting positive impact on the environment. And so can you! Just by starting to recycle more.   

Alongside recycling, it’s time to think about energy use as well. Starting from your showers! If possible, try to be quicker and take shorter showers and use less water in general when doing the dishes or brushing your teeth by turning off the tap. Avoid using all the lights at the same time. If there’s no one in the bedroom or kitchen, no need to waste energy! 

Do you use central heating? Try turning it down just a couple of degrees and you are already making a difference in reducing your carbon footprint. Using alternative energy, such as solar panels or wind energy, is also a valid approach to tackle greenhouse gas emissions. 

Give these manageable suggestions a try and we guarantee that instead of a carbon footprint, you will be leaving behind a positive handprint!


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