Does Woodly contain plastic?
Woodly is an entirely unique material which contains no traditional plastics.

Is Woodly made from 100% wood?
Our goal is to create a packaging material that is entirely made from wood. However, at the moment a 100% wood-based film is still far too expensive for use as packaging material.

Is Woodly made from 100% renewable raw materials?
At the moment, Woodly has a certificate guaranteeing that our products are made from 40-60% renewable raw materials. We are striving to constantly increase the ratio of bio-based raw materials in Woodly products, without detracting from their qualities.

Where can I buy products packaged in Woodly?
Our goal is that you can find products packaged in Woodly in the stores as soon as 2019.

How is Woodly better for nature?

Find out more from our Life Cycle Assessment here:

Woodly Life Cycle Assessment