Woodly® material is wood-based, carbon-neutral, transparent and recyclable

​​Reduce food waste and save money with Woodly® heat-sealed bags

Customer reports indicate our heat-sealed bags cut food loss and save twice the cost. Order now to test for yourself.

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The benefits of  the Woodly® bag

Save money

The packaging solution is based on breathability, allowing fresh products to stay better for longer, and customers can reduce costs by reducing food waste or saving staff time.

Save the environment

Woodly® is a novel wood-based plastic that is 100% carbon-neutral and recyclable.

Improve hygiene

A hygienic and sealed bag that will preserve the quality of fresh products.

Easy for customers to use

By communicating the Woodly® brand in packaging solutions and product marketing, customers can guide consumers to make more responsible purchasing decisions and increase demand and sales for their products.

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Dear Brand representative,

If you are looking to package edible items in an eco-friendly way with a material that supports longer shelf life and is carbon-neutral, then look no further than Woodly. Packaging food can be a challenging task, especially when you are trying to reach sustainability targets, but with our Woodly® heat-sealed bags, you can raise your product and brand awareness to a new unprecedented level.

Our Vision

We want to help you reach new customers with an eco-friendly solution. Our Woodly® heat-sealed bags are made from carbon-neutral Woodly® material and all the ingredients are commonly known and safe to use. The Woodly® heat-sealed bags are made from our patented Woodly® material, which is based on certified wood cellulose.

Ideal option for food products

Our transparent bag is the ideal option for food-to-go products and other food items as well. Recycling is an important key issue for us and Woodly® material is suitable for recycling.

Reduce food waste

With our help, you can decrease food waste, improve your product’s shelf life, and reach a customer base that is willing to make purchases based on eco-friendliness. These are all unique and profitable selling points to supermarkets and consumers.

So, are you looking to go green and solidify your brand as an eco-friendly option for your target audience? You can start today by choosing Woodly.

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Our Woodly® references from the service industry

St1’s HelmiSimpukka chain is our new partner to pack food-to-go products in Woodly® heat-sealed bags


Woodly® heat-sealed bags will protect St1 HelmiSimpukka chain’s own food-to-go products and improve their shelf life.

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“For us, it is important to continuously develop our services and products. We offer our customers bread products made from high-quality ingredients. The Woodly® heat-sealed bags maintain freshness in our bread products longer than ordinary plastic packaging, which supports our cause of decreasing food waste. In addition, the Woodly® heat-sealed bag is made from renewable material and is suitable for recycling, which is in line with our responsibility thinking”, says Emil Huttunen, Marketing and Concept Manager of the HelmiSimpukka Chain.


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Want to know more about the Woodly® material?

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

About the company

What kind of company is Woodly?

Woodly is a company on a mission to create a more sustainable future by redesigning plastics. Our vision of 100% renewable plastics will be achieved through material innovation and extensive recycling.

Our purpose is to provide an easy way for the brand owners to switch to more sustainable packaging, achieve their sustainability targets and create more customer value.

In practice, we provide the Woodly material to your current packaging suppliers who can use Woodly material on their existing production lines. In addition, we work together with you on how to use Woodly as a unique selling point and communicate with the consumers.

About the material

Why do we use wood cellulose?

Cellulose is the most common organic polymer in the world and one of the most sustainable feedstocks to replace fossil-sourced materials. In addition, in Finland we have an expertise in forest based products that are unique in the world.

What else is in Woodly material than cellulose?

The exact formula of Woodly material is a trade secret, but all the other ingredients in addition to cellulose are commonly known and safe to use. Woodly does not include Bisphenol-A, phthalates, hormone disruptors or CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic) components. All the commercial Woodly grades are food contact approved.


Our current commercial material grades have TÜV certification confirming biocontent of 40-60% in Woodly. Due to the biocontent, Woodly® is a carbon-neutral material that can be used to reduce dependency on fossil-sourced materials


Woodly can be recycled in mechanical plastic recycling.

Carbon neutrality and carbon footprint

We get often asked how we count our carbon neutrality and carbon footprint?  Woodly’s zero-carbon footprint is based on a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) which we have conducted in accordance with ISO14044 and ISO14040 standards. The LCA assesses the whole process from raw material extraction through materials processing, manufacture, distribution, use and maintenance, to disposal or recycling. The carbon footprint of our product is carbon neutral. This represents a significant improvement compared to traditional plastics and their global warming potential (GWP). Find out more from our Life Cycle Assessment here.

About sales process

What can I buy from Woodly®?

You can buy Woodly® granulates, which will be converted into products either by our or customers’ converter. Woodly doesn’t provide end-products.

How can I buy Woodly® material?

The process starts by defining customer’s needs.

Request a meeting with our sales representative:

Leave your contact information and we’ll get back to you.

In which format is Woodly® material provided to customer

We provide material in granulates.

Can I order a sample?

We provide samples only after the first sales negotiation.

How high is your production capacity?

As we work with several partners, Woodly® can be easily and quickly scaled up to high quantities.

What is the price?

Request a meeting with our sales representative and we’ll make you an offer.

Did you know that more than 2/3 of Finnish consumers are willing to pay a premium of products packed in Woodly® in comparison to conventional plastic packaging?

The median of willingness to pay more of Woodly® is +0,3€ / product.

Find the full consumer study here.

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