Woodly product portfolio

Woodly granules are suitable for processing by any method used in the plastics industry. Based on tested formulae, we have created the first product families of our still-developing product portfolio as shown below:

Our products

Woodly 100 Series for Film and Thermoforming

Woodly 100 series has product grades suitable for both blown film and cast film extrusion lines. Woodly 100 films are clear and transparent and easy to use in thermoforming. Woodly 100 has product grades for both flexible and rigid packaging applications. Typical applications are:

  • Flexible packaging for food, flowers, and textiles
  • Film with high gloss for laminating on cardboard packaging
  • Thermoformed packaging for fresh food and clamshell packaging for electronics

Woodly 200 Series for Injection Molding

Woodly 200 series is easy to use in injection molding. The products have high transparency and clarity and are also easy to dye. Typical applications are:

  • Storage containers for home and office
  • Cups and containers for food and drink

We are currently developing Woodly biocomposites for injection molding. Please ask for further info (kenneth.lindfors@woodly.com ).

Other applications

We are constantly developing and testing Woodly for further applications. Please don’t hesitate to contact us (kenneth.lindfors@woodly.com ) if you have an idea or a question regarding what Woodly can do.

Woodly supply chain


1. Feedstock

The journey of the Woodly products begins from the forest. We want to comply with the highest environmental standards and respect nature’s biodiversity. Therefore, we use only certified wood as the main feedstock.


2. Chemical Companies

To produce Woodly products from cellulose, chemical components are needed. These are sourced from our established partners in the chemical industry.


3. Compounders

Woodly granulate is made with a compounding process. Compounding means the melt-mixing of all Woodly components and producing the granulate. This work is done by our toll compounding partners in the plastics industry.


4. Woodly

Our product is Woodly granulate, produced by our toll compounding partners. We sell the granulate to our customers, who are converters in the plastics industry.


5. Converters

The production of different products from plastics is called converting. Plastics converters are the companies manufacturing all these different types of plastic products, such as films or packaging.


6. Brand Owner

We work directly with several global companies in the consumer goods sector to create new business opportunities, commercial models, and customer value. The applications made from Woodly granulate are always supplied by the converters.


7. Retailer

Retail stores and shops are the places where consumers and brands meet, and where purchase decisions have the power to change the world.


8. Consumer

The consumer is at the heart of our operation. We innovate ecological packaging applications and help introducing them to the market for the consumers.


9. Recycling (and waste management)

Woodly is a recyclable plastic. To maximize the ecological, social, and financial value, Woodly products are designed to be recycled multiple times. We work closely with the waste management and recycling sectors on the markets where Woodly is being used.

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