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Carbon Footprint – Here’s How to Lower Yours in 2022

Lowering one’s carbon footprint has never been more imperative due to critical levels of greenhouse gas emissions. With the new year looming right around the corner, new lifestyle adjustments might come with it. 

Making resolutions for the new year is unquestionably a personal decision and an opportunity to make a difference of any sort. The usual ways towards a “better you” tend to relate to acquiring a gym membership or giving up a particular vice or two. But this time around it is more important than ever before to think about resolutions that will help others as well, including this planet of ours. 

Making decisions based on the benefit of the environment are indeed welcomed resolutions at this point. Some would even describe these measures as necessary without any doubt. 

It’s no secret what happens next should the current unfriendly climate habits continue, so making a change for the better is indeed an embraced alternative. The best way to get going is by starting simple and with true intentions. 

Energy conservation & consumption

A significant way to reduce the size of a personal carbon footprint is by altering energy consumption and focusing on energy conservation. Switching to renewable energy and using home energy efficiency is key when talking about energy and its relation to emissions. Fixing bad insulation, air leaks, and reducing the use of electricity is a start. 

One can start by switching to energy-saving lightbulbs, utilizing solar power and other renewable energy sources like hydropower, wind power, and ground heat.

Consuming locally grown

At home, it’s helpful to be aware of food miles and reduce those miles by switching to locally grown products. Plenty of greenhouse gas emissions reach our atmosphere as a result of producing and transporting food and other products. A difference in the size of a carbon footprint can be made by consuming locally grown.  

Start recycling and sorting waste

Without a doubt, this is the easiest way to leave a positive climate handprint from the comfort of your own home. Instead of putting all the trash on one big pile and throwing it away on Sunday, recycle and sort everything instead. 

Recycling and composting do help because unsorted and unrecycled waste causes more greenhouse gases thus leaving you with a bigger carbon footprint. We can’t stress enough the importance of recycling plastics, especially when every household has so much of it.

By recycling and sorting plastics as efficiently as possible, you can do your part in making sure that plastic waste and nature won’t collide. In addition, the raw material bound to your plastics can be then reused.

Keep products in circulation

Not everything needs to go to the landfill. Keep products in circulation and distance from single-use characteristics and traits. Repair, refurbish, and remember to think twice before throwing something away. These are some of the basics of a circular economy. 

New ways of transportation

We can also impact positively by putting the public transport system into good use. Start by commuting more and driving less. Choosing cycling is also a service to our planet and healthier for the person in question as well if getting fit is part of the agenda for the new year. Planning a holiday for next year? Travel by train instead of a plane if possible. Don’t forget to also explore the idea of visiting new places in your home country. 

To drive or not to drive?

Switching to electric cars is one way to reduce carbon emissions personally, but reducing driving, in general, helps as well. Instead of driving short journeys, walking or cycling is more beneficial. 

Also, if you are pondering about letting go of your car, now is as good as time as any to do so. But if not, then perhaps sharing one car instead of two is more suitable or even carpooling. 

Reduce consumption

Reducing emissions mean reducing everything. This comes down to spending less, reusing more, and not wasting items or products such as food or clothing. Everyone can make successful resolutions that do not only have to last for just one year but a lifetime. 

A new year always brings much excitement and there is no better way to ensure a better year for a better you than by helping to create a better planet. 

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