26.08.2022 -

Woodly Partners With R-kioski, Finland’s Leading Convenience Store Chain

R-kioski has chosen the Woodly® heat-sealed bag as their new form of packaging for takeaway products. With approximately 480 stores in Finland, R-kioski is a franchise-driven convenience store chain, which offers its customers food and beverages, as well as wanted everyday goods and services.

The heat-sealable bag is recyclable and made from 100% carbon neutral and wood-based Woodly® material. Consumers can recognize the packaging from the Woodly logo. Takeaway sandwich products packaged in Woodly® heat-sealable bags are available in R-kioski stores across Finland starting this week. 

R-kioski is taking further steps towards sustainability by choosing Woodly’s wood-based packaging. The Woodly® bag increases product shelf life and preserves hygienic qualities and freshness.  

“Sustainability is part of our everyday operations. As our world changes, we see that we need to move towards a new way of doing business, that fits into the future and Anthropocene era. This change is necessary not only for our own success, but also for future generations, to create opportunities for them to live a good life. We want to lead by example, and we want sustainability to be accessible to all by providing our customers with easy and convenient ways to make sustainable choices. As part of our sustainability strategy, we implement actions that bring real change and offer products that benefit both people and the planet. Woodly’s packaging is a good example of our actions to reduce excessive plastic”, says Ann-Charlotte Schalin, Communications, Sustainability & Talent Management Director of R-kioski.

For Woodly, the collaboration with R-kioski is another huge step forward in reaching new audiences with Finnish material innovation and introducing Woodly® material and a packaging solution to Finnish consumers.

“Everyone knows R-kioski in Finland. R-kioski is a well-established brand in Finland and we are excited about us working together and supporting R-kioski with its goal to provide consumers sustainable products,” comments Jaakko Kaminen, Woodly CEO. 


R-kioski’s communications, tel. +358 (0) 20 5544 128,

Jaakko Kaminen, CEO, Woodly Ltd, Tel. +358 (0) 40 590 0035,


About Woodly

Woodly Oy is a Finnish company developing materials technology, whose commercial product is a new type of plastic based on wood cellulose – Woodly®. Woodly® material has the same characteristics as conventional fossil plastics but with the added benefit of being carbon neutral and recyclable. In addition to packaging, it can be used to produce products for different uses. www.woodly.com


About R-kioski

R-kioski is a franchise-driven convenience chain that offers its customers food and drink as well as important everyday products and services – quickly and comfortably when and where the customer wants them. R-kioski is part of the Reitan Convenience company, which is owned by the Reitan Retail and has nationwide coverage in Finland with approximately 480 stores. www.r-kioski.fi 

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