04.05.2022 -

Woodly Announces Collaboration With Global Workstation Solution Manufacturer Treston

Ergonomic industrial workstation and storage solution manufacturer Treston is using Woodly® material in order to increase bio-based products. The collaboration with Woodly ensures Treston’s significant transition into using more renewable materials in its storage solutions. Woodly’s carbon-neutral and wood-based plastic will be an integral part of the new eco-friendly Treston BiOX storaging solutions

A global leader in its field, Treston designs, manufactures and offers customers high-quality and ergonomic workstation solutions for industrial and technical work environments. Treston’s range of products covers workbenches, storage systems, trolleys, chairs, light fixtures, cabinets, and shelves, widely used in assembly and production lines as well as packing solutions. 

“The launch of the Treston BiOX bins offers industrial customers for the first time wood-based plastic storage options, all the way including transparent label shields and cross-dividers made from Woodly®. Now we will bring to the market a set of shelf bins, followed by other kinds of storage bins and solutions later in the autumn. Our goal is to offer all classic plastic products eventually as carbon-neutral options. I am excited that we are driving the change for industrial customers together with Woodly and other innovative players”, says Esa Siljander, CEO of Treston. 

Treston has already taken important steps in implementing a circular economy approach by using recycled plastics in their Kennoset plastic bins and cabinets. With Woodly® material becoming an important part of Treston’s widely known shelf bins, the company is increasing its focus on sustainability and bio-based materials.

“Our unique Woodly® material is a perfect match for Treston’s high-quality and globally used shelf bins. Our collaboration with Treston and the use of Woodly® material in the BiOX shelf bins will ensure a great look and feel for these bio-based products and comparability to traditional plastic options. We could not be more excited about our work together with Treston,” says Woodly CEO Jaakko Kaminen.

The recyclable Treston BiOX shelf bins are available starting today. 


Kari Nokka, Product Group Manager, Treston, Tel. +358 (0) 10 4469 755,

Jaakko Kaminen, CEO, Woodly, Tel. +358 (0)40 590 0035,

About Woodly

Woodly Oy is a Finnish company developing materials technology, whose commercial product is a new type of plastic-based on wood cellulose – Woodly®. Woodly® material has the same characteristics as conventional fossil plastics but with the added benefit of being carbon neutral and recyclable. In addition to packaging, it can be used to produce storage products and high-end storage solutions. woodly.com

About Treston

Treston designs and manufactures world-class, modular workstation solutions for a wide range of demanding industrial end uses. By combining extensive expertise in industrial ergonomics, LEAN manufacturing and ESD protection they innovate sustainable and future-proof workspaces that flexibly adapt to the fluctuating demands of both businesses and employees. Treston believes in a smart industrial workspace that creates sustainable well-being by empowering the individual to thrive and the business to prosper. During the 50+ years of doing business, Treston has delivered over 500,000+ workstations worldwide and is now present in over 30 countries via subsidiaries and an extensive network of selected distributors. treston.com

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