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5 Ways to Improve Your Climate Shadow

Recently we wrote about the interesting topic of climate shadow. To those who are unaware of what it means, a climate shadow  here’s a quick read on the subject.

One’s climate shadow should always be preferably positive and vast because our planet simply needs more help. In this blog post, we are going to share tips and examples on how to leave behind an effective climate shadow. 

Switch to a climate-friendly job

We know this is more than just a “simple tip”, but in many cases, people have voiced their concerns by making this choice. It’s no secret that some companies tend to take less climate action than others and this can be a significant factor for concerned employees hoping to make a difference. Should someone feel that a change is necessary with a better climate shadow in mind, then this surely is one way to achieve it. It’s a gutsy move that takes courage but it sets a clear example to others.

It’s also important for recruiters to understand that climate values matter a lot. There’s a numerous amount of skilled people who make career decisions based on a company’s climate values.

Climate action

There is a vast amount of campaigns that anyone can participate in with ease. Earth Hour is probably the most popular and takes the least time and effort. You can read more about Earth Hour here. 

One can also initiate positive climate action by themselves and encourage family members or friends to make a change. For example, increasing the use of public transportation, taking part in climate events, such as tree planting or teaching kids about the importance of recycling and circular economy.

Support sustainable brands and products

Making the choice to support sustainable and responsible brands is easy. The tricky part is finding the ones that suit your needs the best. Nonetheless, showing support for environmentally friendly brands is impactful and sharing this support with others can be extremely beneficial. 

Whether it be clothing, accessories, food packaging or even niche products, supporting brands that care shows you do too. This leaves behind a climate shadow that has growth potential and a definite purpose. Also, getting friends and family involved definitely makes a difference too. 

Raise awareness at work

The workplace is a good spot to share some insight on how people can help in the fight against climate change. For example,  by making people aware of the dangers of food waste or bringing up the importance of recycling.

Sharing the possibilities of a circular economy and encouraging people to reuse and reduce is a difference-maker. One can even organize various work events or gatherings with climate-friendly and sustainable themes.

Switching to renewable energy

Renewable energy options are gaining more popularity among consumers and businesses.  One favoured choice is installing solar panels.

A lot of people have made the switch to solar panels and installations are taking place everywhere it seems. The energy from solar panels can be utilized in pretty much everything that requires electricity. In some cases, solar panels can save significant amounts of money for households and businesses in the long run.

Of course, for those who can’t switch to solar panels due to restrictions, there are other options as well. Green electricity is a favourable one because it’s an easy way to start supporting renewable energy.

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