04.02.2022 -

Circular Economy Promoter Veera Virtanen Joins Woodly

Let’s start February with tremendous news because this announcement has been in the works for a while but we can now finally say it. Woodly is proud to announce that Veera Virtanen has joined the company as Lead – Circular Economy. 

As a part of a development project funded by Business Finland, Veera will plan, organize and validate the circular economy innovation process for Woodly material. As part of the work, Virtanen will map out and document different recycling paths for the Woodly material in addition to managing contract negotiations with recycling companies, production partners and brand owners in Finland and Europe.

“My goal is to find solutions and the value chains in regard to how the Woodly material can be recycled as efficiently as possible. There isn’t a ready-made solution to this, so in a way, it’s almost like detective work, finding the right partners who are ready and willing to collaborate and be part of a new circular economy solution. It’s what intrigues me the most, the challenge itself.”

A solution to a worldwide problem

Much has been said about the circular economy and Woodly going well together. The material has the potential to change the plastics industry and Virtanen believes Woodly is a unique solution to a worldwide problem.

“Plastics and plastic recycling are being talked about a lot, but the situation itself is still very challenging. However, Woodly material is biobased and recyclable, once we find the best possible solutions, our material and the circular economy go perfectly together. A fully functional circular economy solution is a key factor in Woodly becoming a significant material brand”, explains Virtanen.

After getting the call to join Woodly, for Virtanen, the decision the become a part of the team was an easy one. 

“In addition to knowing many of the people in Woodly due to past projects, I have a very strong background and experience in circular economy and building collaborative value chains. It’s close to my heart. Alongside saving the world, my driving force is to ensure a circular model when it comes to recycling materials because our planet won’t survive otherwise. It’s also important for me to support the growth of Finnish technology-based companies. That’s why I joined Woodly.”

“As the potential is immense, I wouldn’t be here otherwise”

Before Woodly Veera was a Co-Creation Manager at the VTT Research Technical Centre of Finland Ltd. With over 12 years of experience at one of Europe’s leading research institutions, she brings a vast network of companies and a wide outlook of value chains and technologies. 

“During my time at VTT, I have assembled value chains around different circular economy solutions with Finnish companies. I’ve helped companies and research centres to apply for funding so that they could take their brilliant ideas forward. I have in my network a large repertoire of companies from many sectors, such as fibre products, biotechnology, food engineering, energy and chemistry. With Woodly, I believe we can build value chains with which Woodly material can succeed even more”, she continues. 

Becoming a worldwide known material brand is not going to happen overnight, but Virtanen firmly believes the possibilities are there. 

“As the potential is immense, I wouldn’t be here otherwise. The plastic industry has to change to non-fossil and carbon-neutral. Luckily, Woodly is a pioneer, a commercialised carbon-neutral plastic material that can be produced in large quantities. This will be one of the keys to the solution. I fully believe in Woodly’s breakthrough”, concludes Virtanen. 


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