10.09.2021 -

SITRA Selects Woodly as One of the Most Interesting Circular Economy Companies

We are delighted to be selected by The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra on their list of “Most interesting companies in the circular economy in Finland 2.1.”

The list, which has been updated yearly since 2017, consists of 41 companies that Sitra considers as pioneers in the circular economy industry. 

For us at Woodly, the goal is to enhance resource efficiency and the circular economy with Finnish innovation work. As a result, Woodly has brought to the market a new alternative to traditional plastics – Wood-based plastic. It’s made from renewable materials and is also carbon-neutral and recyclable. We support the climate work of our clients and help them to achieve their sustainability goals. 

To be chosen as part of Sitra’s respected list for the first time is a huge accomplishment for Woodly. 

Listing Woodly as one of the most interesting circular economy businesses by Sitra is an important public acknowledgement toward the work we have done. The listing gives credibility to the company and visibility to the Woodly brand, which in turn helps us to promote the circular economy”, says CEO Jaakko Kaminen.

According to Sitra, a total of 168 companies applied to be on their list and a panel of circular economy experts were given the task of choosing the 41 most interesting businesses. With their list, Sitra encourages Finnish companies to be more active in the circular economy.

Click here to read Woodly’s exciting case story in English.

Click here to visit Sitra’s list and get to know these amazing Finnish circular economy companies and their stories. 


About Woodly

Woodly Oy is a Finnish company developing materials technology, whose commercial product is a new type of plastic-based on wood cellulose – Woodly®. Woodly® material has the same characteristics as conventional fossil plastics but with the added benefit of being carbon neutral and recyclable. In addition to packaging, it can be used to produce products for different uses.

About The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra

Sitra is an active fund for the future that studies, researches, and brings together partners from different sectors in open-minded trials and reforms. Sitra’s future-oriented work is aimed at making Finland succeed as a pioneer of sustainable well-being. Sitra is funded by the Finnish Parliament. 

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