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5 Ways to Prevent Global Warming

The hot topic of today’s discussion undoubtedly revolves around the fact that global warming has made its presence known. Luckily, there are several ways to minimize the progression and effects. Here are 5 ways to prevent global warming listed by us for you as a helpful guide in a journey that requires all of our input.  

The summer of 2021 will most likely be known as the moment when it finally hit. Rising temperatures worldwide and alarming natural disasters in countries such as Germany, Canada, and Great Britain sent shockwaves around the globe. To some, the news came unexpected, but others knew this could and would eventually happen. 

Global warming as an issue has become mainstream news and should be treated with the utmost urgency by us, the inhabitants of this blue planet we call home. It definitely is no secret that humans played the antagonist in this story, but now it’s time to focus on being the protagonist and fix the issue at hand immediately. Because it is possible. 

Preventing global warming can sound difficult, but we at Woodly would like to offer assistance in this matter. Acknowledging the fact that change is necessary is step one and taking action is step two. Here are 5 ways to prevent global warming by adjusting your daily routines. 

1. Recycle

We here at Woodly could not emphasise this enough because the facts behind recycling are foolproof. Recycling is the easiest way to help prevent global warming but also one of the most beneficial solutions to a global problem.

What makes recycling so important you might ask? It is quite simple. When we recycle responsibly and use recycled materials to produce new products, we are reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The key point here is that we are now also reducing energy consumption. 

Recycling and reusing plastic products is obviously an important cause to us. In fact, studies have shown that Woodly material can be recycled up to five times without any deterioration in its properties. Meaning this: if you see our sign on a package, rest assured you are making the right call for the benefit of the environment when choosing us. 

You can read more about plastic pollution and recycling by checking out our CCO Tomi Nyman’s post regarding the subject. 

2. Alter your ways of transportation

We know this can be a big ask for many families and professional people, who simply need a set of wheels under them to get from point A to point B. But, how about adjusting the circumstances a bit? Instead of using a car, try cycling to work and inspire the rest of your friends or family to cycle and walk more. Public transportation is also an excellent choice in terms of being environmentally responsible and reducing your own carbon footprint. 

And once again we arrive at another key issue. The carbon footprints that we as humans are currently leaving behind are too big. We must take action to get those numbers down drastically. 

Take our nation for example. Finland is certainly known for its green forests and thousands of lakes and we definitely like to take good care of our environment. Yet the average Finn still consumes a lot more than is necessary. According to a study conducted by The Finnish Innovation Fund in 2019, the average person in Finland generates a carbon footprint of over ten tons in a year. 

An ideal figure by the year 2030 would be 2,5 tons and fortunately, it is not too late to start now. Finding alternative ways of transportation for yourself is essential in reducing the overall carbon footprint. 

3. Avoid wasting food

A way to help in terms of food is by not wasting it. When doing the daily groceries, please make sure you eat everything afterwards and recycle all the packaging responsibly. Food waste has also become a global issue and should be treated as such in every household. Big piles of rotting food at the local dump produce methane, a greenhouse gas, and this, obviously, is no good. So, make sure your plate is always clean every time you’re having a meal!

4. Manage your energy consumption

Here is another simple way to take part and help out. Think about how you can use less electricity at home. Does every room need to be lit? What about those chargers that are plugged in but not being used? It’s simple choices like these that make a difference in the grand scheme of things. Using less causes your electricity provider to expend less energy and thus producing less greenhouse gas emissions.

5. Become informed and educate others

Global warming affects every one of us. It is very real and there is only so much time left. Changes are necessary starting from right now and helping others to understand and become informed is also crucial. The environment is already making sure its ever-changing habits are known globally. Now, it is our turn to react and help save our planet together. 

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