HMSHost Norway

HMSHost Norway introduces Woodly at Gardermoen Airport in Oslo, Norway.

HMSHost Norway, part of Avolta AG and a world leader in creating dining for travel venues, will be introducing Woodly at Gardermoen Airport in Oslo, Norway as part of their commitment to sustainability.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone as HMSHost Norway becomes the first company in Norway to incorporate the Woodly heat-sealed bags into its operations. Made from the carbon-neutral cellulose-based Woodly® material, the heat-sealed bag presents a unique approach both to reducing food waste and dependency on fossil raw materials for packaging.

“We are very pleased to enter into the Norwegian market and start our collaboration with HMSHost Norway, who have been amazing partners and share the same vision of a sustainable future in Nordic packaging,” comments Christoph Schiller, The Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Woodly.


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