31.03.2022 -

Earth’s Biocapacity is Endangered – Again

The current crisis has opened our eyes to the unpleasant truth that our natural resources are not limitless. It is urgent to find permanent and forward-looking ways and solutions that support our intentions to move away from the dependence on fossil fuels and over-consumption of natural resources.

Finland is one of the most resource-intensive countries in Europe

Earth Overshoot Day is the day on which the human ecological footprint exceeds the Earth’s biocapacity, the ability to produce renewable resources and deal with greenhouse gas emissions from the use of fossil fuels. The biggest footprint impact comes from energy production, transport, and food production.

In Finland, we mark today 31st March Earth Overshoot Day which is hosted and calculated by the Global Footprint Network. This means that we have used our share of renewable natural resources during the first three months of the year, approximately four months before the world’s average. 

In Finland, the typical signs include depletion of forest nature and decline of valuable habitats. And not all the effects are local. Concerning our energy demand and use, the production of fossil fuels is destroying habitats around the world. Further, emissions from fossil fuels are accelerating climate change. 

If there is a will, there is a way and solutions

Without a permanent change in our consumption patterns, the status of our footprint threatens to return to previous levels before the pandemic. More than ever, it is time to strengthen and support green growth that is based on non-fossil consumption and the increase of renewables. 

In recent decades we have witnessed significant technological development, with production becoming more energy and material resource-efficient and versatile. We are on the right path, but much more needs to be done faster. By commitment to low carbon solutions, we can speed up circular economy concepts, secure investments and ensure the new business potential, that is necessary for a more sustainable and resource-efficient future for generations to come.


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