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The Woodly W200 Series – Combining Bioplastics, Durability, and Efficiency

Bioplastics are increasingly getting more recognition and interest among various companies and individual consumers, but not just because of their environmental benefits. One of these solutions is The Woodly W200 Series.

Fossil-based plastics and the linear economy approach in business are being looked at from a much different point of view than years before. Nowadays it is common to question if there are alternative and environmentally friendly solutions. 

Especially modern and responsible businesses are heavily interested in these solutions more now than ever before. 

The Woodly W200 Series is a great example. 

“The unique material has the potential to reduce unwanted costs due to its durability and scalability. When compared to other biopolymers, The Woodly W200 Series’ transparency and impact strength make it stand out,” explains Woodly’s Chief Technical Officer, Tommi Vuorinen.

“Consumers and businesses are more interested in bioplastics. Of course, people must keep staying interested. Combining the demand with bio-based sustainability means that the material itself has to be sustainable and durable”, continues Vuorinen. 

Bioplastics, sustainability, and The Woodly W200 Series

The main message behind The Woodly W200 Series is that it is made from sustainable and renewable raw materials. Using fossil-based plastics has been the norm for decades but going bio-based is one significant way to ensure a change in the plastics industry. 

A change is necessary because global climate issues are causing consumers to demand more responsible action from businesses. 

“The advantage of the W200 Series and Woodly is that the material will always be bio-based, with the main raw material being wood cellulose. Our material is carbon-neutral and this is our response to fossil-based plastics that are causing more environmental problems,” says Vuorinen. 

Whether it be containers for home or office storage use, plastic cups, beverage cups, other similar objects/items, cosmetic cases, high-design specification packaging – these bioplastic products can all be done with sustainability in mind by choosing The Woodly W200 Series. 

Bioplastic products with efficiency

The fact that The Woodly W200 series is recyclable and doesn’t require new machinery from manufacturers reduces waste and saves time and money. Also, bioplastic products which are made from The W200 Series can be transparent or colourized among other very intriguing benefits. 

“Our material has been proven to be reliable when comparing the performance, durability, and sustainability to other bioplastics and bioplastics products. The Woodly W200 Series grades can be used in a very large variety of applications. The material is versatile, and one can mould thin-walled cups as well as bulky objects. Flexible material production enables us also to produce tailored material batches in many scales”, concludes Vuorinen.

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