Case: K-Group

The K-Group is the first retailer to introduce Woodly packaging into its retail stores

Pirkka rose begonias, wrapped in Woodly packaging material, are available now in selected K-food stores.

The K-Group is the first business to test Woodly packaging.

Kesko, which has been chosen as the world’s most responsible retail company, will continue to take concrete practical measures to make environmental responsibility easier for consumers. Since the beginning of June, 10,000 Pirkka rose begonia products have been packaged in Woodly-based plastic wrapping instead of oil-based plastic. Woodly packaging is identified by the brand “Better for nature – plastic packaging made of wood”.

It is really important for us to be able to test our Woodly packaging with the K-Group. It will also have a positive effect on our other ongoing projects as the K-Group stores are seen to be as leaders in corporate responsibility, ”says Jaakko Kaminen, CEO of Woodly.

Sustainable consumption is a growing phenomenon. Reducing and recycling plastic speaks to our customers, and every day we are asked for help with this. We are constantly developing our own operations and innovating new circular economy experiments with our partners to ensure consumed plastic is placed back into circulation. Our cooperation with the Finnish company Woodly is an excellent example of this, ”says Timo Jäske, K-Group’s Director of Responsibility in the Grocery Trade.



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