Case: Slush

Held in Helsinki Finland, the world’s leading start-up event, Slush, provided its guests with recyclable cloakroom tickets made from the unique carbon-neutral and wood-based Woodly® material.



As a joint project with one of Europe’s leading research institutes VTT and the Finnish event-planning company Petrol Promotions, the wood-based Woodly cloakroom tickets are a collective climate-positive collaboration to support Slush in its cause to make Slush 2022 carbon-negative.

“Slush is proud to partner with VTT, Petrol Promotions and Woodly to take yet another step towards a carbon-negative event while showcasing Finnish innovation. We’ve recognized throughout the years that we can spark inspiration and lead by example by focusing both on big deeds and on the other hand small details in our event’s sustainability, “ says Valtteri Meriläinen, Producer at Slush.

“Our main goal is to replace fossil-based plastics with wood-based Woodly®, and we couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to give everyone a chance to see and feel our unique Woodly® material at Slush 2022,” says Jaakko Kaminen, the CEO of Woodly.


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