Case: Holiday Club

Woodly Ltd and Holiday Club Saimaa have initiated a partnership that will result in the popular Finnish holiday destination adopting reusable drinking glasses made from Woodly® material.

The collaboration aims to promote sustainability in the tourism industry.

Holiday Club Saimaa will replace traditional plastic glasses at its resort and strives to promote reusability and environmental responsibility with Woodly’s wood-based, recyclable, and carbon-neutral material.

“We are excited to collaborate with Holiday Club Saimaa, a well-known name in the Finnish tourism industry,” says Jaakko Kaminen, CEO of Woodly. “This partnership reflects our shared commitment to advancing sustainable practices. Together, we are working towards a cleaner and greener future.”

Holiday Club Saimaa is renowned for its excellent service and dedication to customer satisfaction. The holiday destination now offers a new sustainable option to its visitors.

“I am thrilled to have the new drinking glasses made from Woodly’s carbon-neutral wood-based plastic. Together, we can reduce the use of fossil-based plastics and provide our customers with a better spa experience,” says Sanna Pokkinen, Spa and Activities Manager at Holiday Club Saimaa.


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