Case: HKScan

Northern European food company HKScan is using Woodly® material to package its popular HK® Maakarit artisan grilled sausages and Kariniemen® grilled sausages.

With the eco-friendly Woodly® component, HKScan reduces the carbon dioxide emissions of the finished packaging film by approximately 50% when compared to conventional traditional plastic packaging. The introduction of Woodly’s carbon-neutral wood-based packaging is a part of HKScan’s responsibility program.

“At HKScan, we are constantly improving the use of packaging materials in our product packaging. In addition, we map more environmentally friendly materials and create packaging solutions that reduce food waste and extend the shelf life of products,” says Mikko Järvinen, the Marketing Director of HKScan Finland.

Woodly aims to support its customers in achieving sustainability targets by delivering a packaging material to the market that will help reduce emissions.

“Woodly is an innovation that is changing the world. Therefore, there is a need for pioneers like HKScan to bring it to market as a packaging application. This collaboration with HKScan has been an important milestone for us in the commercialization of our innovation,” says Jaakko Kaminen, CEO of Woodly.


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