Case: Compass Group Finland

Compass Group Finland is expanding its collaboration with Woodly.


Initiated in 2022, the collaboration with Woodly strengthens Compass Group Finland’s commitment to sustainable development. Woodly and Compass Group Finland aim to promote the use of sustainable packaging solutions within the restaurant and service industry

“Compass Group’s biggest climate impact and more than 70% of its carbon footprint comes from food. We are working hard to reduce this in our own food recipe planning and raw material decisions and by encouraging consumers to make climate choices. Although the impact of packaging, such as the wrappers of snack products, is low in our overall carbon footprint, every new innovation that is carbon-neutral and produced from bio-based raw materials is an important small step forward for the climate and the environment. That is why we are proud to use Woodly’s products, for example, as wrappers for snacks. We want to make even these small choices visible to consumers and thus raise awareness of good choices from an environmental point of view”, says the Compass Group Finland’s Head of Sustainability Marketta Viljasaari.

“The growing use of the Woodly heat-sealed bag is encouraging to see and we are excited about our evolving collaboration with Compass Group”, says Woodly CEO Jaakko Kaminen.


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