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Heat-Sealed Bags – Ensuring Freshness and Preventing Food Waste

Reducing food waste and helping companies offer their customers more reliable products made from renewable raw materials has been fundamental for Woodly. That is why our new heat-sealed bags have immense potential to change the foodservice industry. 

Heat-sealed bags are usually thought of being just small heat-sealable bags for food items, but their role is far bigger than one might think. Foodservice businesses and outlets use them for many very important reasons that have environmental and economical implications. 

In the majority of cases, heat-sealed bags are made from fossil-based materials. Here’s where we at Woodly aspire to make a difference and a big one at that. The Woodly® heat-sealed bags are made from our unique wood-based and carbon-neutral material. Not fossil-based plastics but by using wood cellulose, a renewable raw material

Why choose our heat-sealed bags? 

The Woodly heat-sealed bag for edible products

Our heat-sealed bags can improve product shelf life while keeping the edible item itself hygienic and looking fresh. Apart from the visual and hygienical benefits, saving the environment by offering solutions to global problems such as food waste and the use of fossil-based plastics are key reasons why we have designed our Woodly® heat-sealed bag. 

Saving money and the environment  

Of course, the questions regarding the economic and environmental benefits are of utmost importance. 

Choosing our heat-sealed bag also indicates a clear message to customers. By choosing the Woodly® heat-sealed bag, businesses can save money with the simple fact of reducing food waste. The bag’s controlled barrier design prevents moisture condensation and thus keeps the edible items fresh by improving their shelf life. The Woodly® material used to manufacture the bag is 100% carbon-neutral and recyclable. 

Using heat-sealed bags for many purposes

It’s not just sandwiches that can benefit from Woodly® bags. Our bags come in different sizes and bread products are just one way of many how heat-sealed bags can be used. 

A multipurpose heat-sealed bag with supreme clarity and transparency can be the ultimate difference-maker. Uses can vary from cookies, biscuits, and all bakery products in general. One can even fill them up with coffee powder or beans, sugar and such. 

Food waste facts

One-third of the global food production is getting binned. Now granted this is mostly because of households throwing their edibles away, but the foodservice industry and retail play a part in this too. That’s why minimizing food waste in any which way possible is beneficial for our planet’s well-being. 

Choosing our heat-sealed bag is a good way to start contributing to a global cause. 


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