10.12.2020 -

Orthex and Woodly working together towards carbon neutrality – announcing the world’s first kitchen products made from Woodly’s wood-based plastic, to be in stores during 2021.

Orthex, a leading Nordic manufacturer of durable household goods, is the first company to launch durable products made of cellulose-based Woodly® plastic. Until now, Woodly has become known for its environmentally friendly product packaging. The joint project between Orthex and Woodly to utilise wood-based plastic in kitchen boxes is a new development area, combining the core competencies of the two Finnish companies.

“The Woodly material is an environmentally friendly and versatile wood-based plastic. The more it can be used to replace conventional oil-based plastics, the greater the positive impact on the environment. Expanding the use of this material from packaging to products is a significant step on the road to a more sustainable future. This would not be possible without pioneers such as Orthex, who have the will and the expertise to make new innovations available to its customers,” says Woodly’s CEO Jaakko Kaminen.

These products, manufactured from wood-based plastic, will be launched during 2021. They will be available for sale in Orthex Group’s online store as well as in selected retail stores.

“Social responsibility is a vital part of our corporate culture and it requires concrete actions from us. The Woodly product line is a good example of this. What makes us particularly interested in the material is that it is transparent, despite being bio-based” says Alexander Rosenlew, CEO of Orthex.

“Orthex Group aims to have a carbon neutral production by 2030, which is quite an ambitious goal for a company that mainly utilizes plastics. Cooperation with Woodly is one step towards this goal”, Rosenlew continues.

Using wood plastic means that the oil-based raw materials normally used in plastic production are replaced by wood-based raw materials such as cellulose. The primary raw material used for the Woodly product comes from certified coniferous forests, which are managed in accordance with international ecological and ethical standards. Thanks to this renewable raw material, the Woodly product is a carbon-neutral material and can be used to reduce the use of fossil-based raw materials. After it has been used, the products made from Woodly material can be recycled in the same way as conventional plastic.


Additional information:

Jaakko Kaminen, President and CEO, Woodly Oy
Tel. + 358 40 590 0035, jaakko.kaminen@woody.com


Alexander Rosenlew , President and CEO, Oy Orthex Group Ab
Tel. +35 8 40 500 3826 , alexander.rosenlew@orthexgroup.com



Woodly Oy is a Finnish company developing materials technology, whose commercial product is a new type of plastic based on wood cellulose – Woodly®. Woodly material has the same characteristics as conventional fossil plastics but with the added benefit of being carbon neutral. In addition to packaging, it can be used to produce products for different uses.

Orthex Group is a leading home appliance manufacturer in the Nordic countries, which aims to make everyday life easier with practical, beautiful products. We use plastic responsibly and are constantly expanding our range of products made from renewable and recycled materials. Our well-known brands include Orthex ™, SmartStore ™ and GastroMax ™. Our head office is located in Espoo and production facilities in Lohja and Gnosjö and Tingsryd in Sweden.

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