We chose wood as the main raw material for the Woodly products, because more wood is available than cultivated plants, which produce main raw materials for several other biomaterials. In addition, using wood does not create competition with food chains. Furthermore, growing forests act as carbon sinks.


The Woodly products are designed to be recyclable and thus part of circular economy. When new packaging is made from old and used, lighter environmental burdens and more inexpensive prices are achieved. In Europe, however, recycled plastic packages currently end up as combustible waste. The energy recovered from Woodly products yields 70% less fossil-based carbon dioxide than burning traditional plastics. In other words, if all plastic packages in Europe were replaced with Woodly products, it would amount to emissions savings of nearly 10 million cars.


Woodly can best help save the environment by being chosen for as many packaging applications as possible. This is why we are developing a product family that works for a variety of daily consumer goods. The more applications Woodly finds, the faster working recycling systems can be set up and environmental impacts made visible.


Martta Asikainen, CTO
Welmu International Ltd